Blondie's Treehouse, Inc. formerly known as Madelyn Simon & Associates

Madelyn Simon & Associates, Inc. is among New York’s top full service horticultural and landscape design companies in the U.S. We have been in business since 1979, impressing clients with our professional landscaping and horticultural services.

Our interior department is a single source for every aspect of interior plants. From concept and design to the supply and installation. We provide continuing maintenance and offer the industry’s best free replacement guarantee on interior tropical plants.

Our diverse clientele includes museums, corporate lobbies, offices and atriums, executive offices, world famous tourist destinations, hotels, commercial plazas, public parks and private homes. We draw on three decades of experience to offer great service and competitive prices. We treat our clients with as much care and respect as the foliage we are responsible for.

We have won numerous national awards for our garden designs and landscape services. We welcome you to browse our site and see why.

Landscape Design Build. Interior Plants and Horticultural Services. Holiday Decorations and Seasonal Display. Unique Floral and Orchid Arrangements.

Interior plants, horticultural services, exterior landscape construction, garden design, green roof and living walls